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Indian Threat to the United Nations

Inside the Indian Threat of a Nuclear War:
Is the World War-III Arriving?

Mike Frazer

New York Times described the Indian Administered Kashmir a "Living Hell"
In wake of the recent siege (mediated through iron fist of 700,000 armed troops) India imposed on Kashmir, the world is exposed to a threat of a nuclear war. This is not a trivial warning but holds much water when analyzed in the context of recent developments in the South Asian region. After intimidating president Donald Trump and accusing him of lying about the willingness of the United States to mediate peace process in Kashmir, the BJP lead Indian government, violated the United Nations Security Council resolution by revoking the article 370 unilaterally. Article 370 is a temporary provision by virtue of which Kashmir gave special status to India through delegation certain powers till this provision is ended with a plebiscite (a referendum to be held as per the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council). By rejecting the United Nations Security Council resolution, India stands ineligible for a seat for the United Nations Security Council membership. In addition to marginalizing the Afghanistan peace process, this step by the BJP government has exposed the world to a largescale war which can lead to millions of deaths and even a nuclear catastrophe.

In retaliation to the urgent meeting called by the United Nations regarding the revocation of Article 370, the defense minister of India, Rajnath Singh openly threatened of a nuclear war by declaring that their “No First Use Policy” is open to review. Through these blatant threats, India appears to aim at suppressing the voices of the members of the United Nations Security Council (which includes China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States). From all the meetings and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, it is clear that Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute which needs immediate resolution. This statement was reiterated by China after the United Nations Security Council emergency meeting on 16th August, 2019. 
Massive protest at the Times Square, New York against unilateral abrogation of article 370 by India
The dignity and relevance of United Nations Security Council has suffered a massive setback by the unilateral step taken by Narinder Modi led BJP government. This is first time since the establishment of the United Nations that such an insult has been inflicted on its significance and legitimacy. This has led to a deep mistrust about this most highly reputed diplomatic forum in the world. Such an upfront insult to the United Nations boils down to the emergence of prime minister Narinder Modi’s as a dictator-like leader of India. His past career in inciting communal violence apparently has aided him to win the majority and the Hindutva communal forces (which means a Hindu India expurgated of Muslims, Sikhs and Christians) have emerged as the major power in India which seems to drag the country towards a second partition.

In addition to killing more than a hundred thousand people in the past three decades, raping thousands of women and abducting tens of thousands of young adults, India has now intensified its iron fist and Modi government is taking these atrocities to the next level. Since 5th August 2019, Indian army is dragging children and young adults out of their homes and abducting them to unknown places. Almost 1300 civilians and kids under the age of 12 have been taken from homes since 5th August, 2019 and are still missing. Complete communication blackout and lockdown of nine million people including women and children is akin to practices of Nazism. Deprivation of food and medical care is on its high and the Hindutva forces are leaving no stone unturned to practice its muscle on Kashmiris.

The dynamics of the present lockdown in Kashmir indicates that this time, Modi led BJP government has planned a genocide on a bigger scale. There is no food for people and this has serious impact on infants, children and the elderly. In order to protect the armed troops and encourage them to commit every imaginable crime in Kashmir, the Indian state has come up with laws like Armed Forces Special Protection Act which renders the army immune to any action for the crimes and atrocities they are encouraged to commit in Kashmir. The United Nations has already ordered India to revoke this act but the government of India has turned a deaf ear.

18 months old pellet victim from Kashmir

Hindutva narrative helped Narinder Modi to win Gujrat elections repeatedly and same narrative of killing and suppressing Muslims, Sikhs and Christians also led him to emerge as the prime minister. To reap all the benefits of extreme communalism, the government of India has supported and is continuing to support and sponsor Hindu rapists in molesting Muslim and Christian women. People who lynch Muslims for no reason are being given special privileges. This includes giving election mandate to Pragya Thakur (a member of parliament) who is currently under trial for various terrorist activities. Even in one of their rallies, BJP supporters were instructed to dig out Muslim women from their graves and rape them. This happened in one of the rallies of the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. Additionally, Yogi Adityanath also considered Mother Teresa as the enemy of India and has often slammed her by accusing her of being a criminal proselytizer. BJP government recently set free one of their own men named Babu Bajrangi who had killed almost ninety people and had proudly announced that he had ripped off the belly of a pregnant women and displayed the unborn butchered baby on his sword. As Noam Chomsky puts it “One of the roots of the BJP is a quasi-fascist Hindu extremist movement.” There have been instances when severe acts of violence have happened just around the time when BJP needed public support to crush the minorities in India. The Pulwama bomb blast happened just before elections, the so called surgical strikes which led to arrest and subsequent release of a pilot by Pakistan (as a peace gesture by the prime Minister Imran Khan) also happened around that time. Article 370 abrogation also happened when the country is on the brink of a recession.

Another rather alarming point to note is that a majority of the Indian men have the belief that abrogation of article 370 enables them to marry Kashmiri women. That appears to be one of the major sources of support for article 370 abrogation as these perverts just want to marry Kashmiri women because Kashmiris are beautiful and “relatively fair”. Even many members of the Indian parliament including the chief minister of Haryana named Manohar Lal Khattar has openly made this shameful statement. This should be taken to strong note as it portrays a criminal level of patriarchy and depicts Indian women as ugly and useless commodities. Second, this is an absolute form of racism as the color of skin is neither an indicative of beauty nor any reason for discrimination.

Victims of Kunan Poshpura mass rape incident. The United States Department of State, in its 1992 report on international human rights, stated that there was "credible evidence" that supports the mass rape charges against the Indian army unit at Kunan Poshpora.

The recent urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council is a positive step towards ensuring peace. But the inactivity of the United Nations Security Council on the global dispute called “Kashmir issue” may prove to be disastrous, not only for India and Pakistan but for the whole world. We have to remember that the world ignored Hitler’s moves in late 1930’s and the appeasement gave us the Holocaust and the World War -II. Now the question is to see if the United Nations Security takes any steps to prevent the World War -III.

 About the author:

The author is an American freelancer who has spent 31 years in the Indian subcontinent and closely followed the religion and politics in the region.


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